SideWalk is a local organization on a mission to end homelessness in Thurston County, WA. We combine volunteerism and intensive community engagement with data-driven, evidence based methods to accomplish our mission. 


Housing First

Homelessness can be ended for one person for just $1,200 - total. SideWalk uses a cutting-edge new method - called “rapid rehousing” - that has swept the nation in the last few years.

Rapid rehousing is an approach to resolving homelessness that offers time-limited, small rental subsidies to assist homeless people to quickly move into housing, followed by intensive case management to ensure stability. It’s like offering a bottle of water to someone running a marathon - our clients work incredibly hard and we offer a small resource that boosts their success.

The rapid rehousing approach is effective for 80% to 90% of the homeless population. And it is so cost effective - ten times more cost effective than the next best method - that it can be done at large scale. In fact communities around the country have reduced homelessness by as much as 50% in just a few short years using rapid rehousing.



This is a core element of SideWalk's ideology - we believe in success. We put the greatest attention into using solid research and evidence in our program designs. And we combine this evidence-driven approach with powerful grassroots community engagement. That's why SideWalk moved 500 people off the streets, out of the shelters, and into permanent housing in less than three years.

No other organization has proven so much in such a short period of time. SideWalk is on the right path to help us end homelessness in Thurston County.

- Doug Mah, Former Olympia Mayor

By combining grass-roots engagement with evidence-driven practices, SideWalk is generating unprecedented results in Thurston County. Volunteer or donate today. Together we will end homelessness!