Walk The Walk - October 2019

Last week, we held a house party for SideWalk. We both have been long time supporters of SideWalk - so much so, that we joined the Board of Directors! So when we were asked to host a house party, we jumped at the chance.

Getting ready was easy. Both of our houses aren’t the best party spaces, so we asked a friend if we could borrow his patio. We got some snacks and drinks, and invited a bunch of our friends to join us.

After everyone arrived, Phil Owen, the Executive Director, came to speak. He spent some time answering our questions about homelessness. We’re both doctors, so many of our friends are through work. Listening to Phil make the connections between experiencing homelessness and health was eye opening for us and our friends. 

At the end, we asked our friends who were able to give to SideWalk. The average house party usually raises enough to help one person escape homelessness. Well, that night, we raised enough to help four people.

A great night with great friends for a great cause. What more could you ask for?

House parties are a great way to learn more about homelessness and support SideWalk’s work. We hope you’ll join us in hosting a house party of your own soon.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our mission.

-Telfer Griffith MD and Penelope Goode MD
Board Members

Board of Directors