neighbors helping neighbors

There’s nothing in the world quite like a group of people coming together to solve a problem. Every week, SideWalk volunteers contribute their time and their talents to work with adults experiencing homelessness. With over 60 volunteers working together, we’ve helped over 1,400 people escape the streets since 2012.

We need your help. Will you rise to the call?

SideWalk volunteers perform a wide variety of tasks. Many of our volunteers work in direct service with our participants, brainstorming together to escape homelessness. Others work in development, raising the resources we need to support our work. Still others work in data entry and bookkeeping, ensuring we have accurate records of the people we serve and our work. A full description of our volunteer roles is available online.

Please fill out this form if you are interested in volunteering with SideWalk. A volunteer or staffer will be in touch with you soon to let you know about upcoming volunteer trainings. For additional information, please contact kento@walkthurston.org.

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